Field Trip Programs

Historic Arkansas Museum is a favorite field trip destination for educators across the state. With annual programs and field trips for grades K - 3rd, 4th - 6th and 7th - 12th, there's a field trip opportunity for any age group.

NOTE: Before arranging transportation, be sure your date and time have been confirmed. A confirmation letter will be sent out to confirm the date and time.

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Living at the 1850s Farmstead
Living in a Frontier City
Then and Now in Arkansas
Museum Center Visit

Living in a Frontier City
Living at a Log House
A Glow in the Dark
Packing to Go
Museum Center Visit

Living in a Frontier City
Museum Center Visit

Elementary Fall School Fair (Grades 3 - 6)
Black History Month Programs (Grades 4-12)

If you have additional questions about the tour policies or program offerings, please call the Historic Arkansas Museum (501) 324-9351. Thank you.

What to wear

In many programs students are exposed to the weather. Please check the day's weather and be certain your students dress accordingly. Log House Programs are cancelled when temperatures are below 45 degrees. During warnings for severe thunderstorms or tornados, groups are escorted to the lower areas of the Museum Center.

Adults with field trips

One teacher and one adult per classroom for free. Learn more about how To be a good chaperone.