Bill Worthen Future of History Fund

The Bill Worthen Future of History Fund, named for the museum’s former director of more than 40 years, this fund is dedicated to “Inspiring the Next Generation of Arkansas History Lovers.”

The Fund’s first project was to offer free education programs and field trips to any school that wanted to experience a field trip during the museum's entire 75th anniversary year in 2016.

The fundraising success of the initiative helped extend this program past 2016 and we need your help to continue this commitment to our community. Help us reach out to more schools and more students by making a contribution today. Whether it's a visit to the museum or a face-to-face outreach program, we want to give Arkansas kids an immersive, tactile experience that ignites their interest in history.

A donation of just $50 gives one classroom the opportunity to experience Arkansas history up close with a hands-on field trip program.

Countless visitors have witnessed former director Bill Worthen’s passion for Arkansas history and even more across the world have been impacted by his scholarly research and publications.

Since his retirement at the end of 2016, the Bill Worthen Future of History Fund has sought to pass on Bill’s passion for Arkansas history to future generations for decades to come.